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Keller Williams Incident Live at Berkshire Mtn. Music Festival on 2000-08-12

Topics Live concert

Set 1: Thin Mint* > Kiwi and the Apricot* > Bounty Hunter* > Breathe, Rockumal^ > Stupid Questions~, Revelation, Kidney in a Cooler, Franklin's Tower > Best Feeling, Chillin' Like a Villain

Encore: Vacate

Collection KellerWilliamsIncident
Band/Artist Keller Williams Incident
Venue Berkshire Mtn. Music Festival
Location Great Barrington, MA

Source JonO's master DAT DSBD clone > SonyR500
Lineage DA-P1 > Delta Dio2496 > CDWave > mkwACT > .shn


Entire set with Keller Williams on vocals and guitar.
* Keller Williams only.
^ Keller Williams, Kang and Nershi only.
~ Without Travis and Kyle.


Reviewer: Twistidfunk - - July 21, 2009
Subject: Sick Show
I got this show on CD a long time ago back in college. Probably 2001. I never heard of Keller before but I liked SCI. This show turned me into a fan for sure. Just a great show and a real treat for anyone there. Berkfest had some great festivals, too bad they had to give it up.

The recording itself is quite exceptional. I lost that CD a while back so I am glad to have found it here! It is like winning the lottery or something, not that I ever won the lottery but I guess this is what it feels like.
Reviewer: SeagoinVA - - May 22, 2008
I have downloaded quite a bit from archive, and have never heard anything sound as good as this. Download today - guaranteed not to dissapoint. Plus, it will conveniently fit on one CD, and I'm surprised this CD isn't sold in stores (actually a lot of it is on Breathe, which is awesome - buy it). ENJOY!!!
Reviewer: tube420 - - April 2, 2007
Subject: I'd like to give it 4.5 stars
This is a great sounding show, but I prefer the Keller Williams Incident from 12-31-2002. This "Kidney In A Cooler" is damn good though, as is "Rockumal -> Stupid Questions". And i can never get enough of "Bounty Hunter" I don't know why, but I love the hell out of that song.
Reviewer: shnaholic - - June 9, 2006
Subject: thanks guys
i was wondering when this would show up on some fave lists. . i taped this and i believe i upped it to the archive a long time ago. i have tons of pics from this gig, (dave gray was right beside me while our other friend scott was watching the decks.) thanks to jono for the xlr outs from the board which went right into my tascam da-p1. scott k from cali/shamokin hit me up with an email if you ever see this. shnaholic@comcastdotnet
Reviewer: livitup - - June 8, 2006
Subject: k-dub and sci...nothing better
haha how can you possibly get a better combination than sci and k-dub. i saw k-dub in february and it was stellar. can't wait to see sci at the rocks in july, one night with k-dub and one night by themselves...hell yeah! then a repeat at 10k festival with one sci show, one k-dub incident, and one k-dub solo show.
Reviewer: kcappraiser - - February 6, 2006
Subject: Wow
I am pretty sure this would be my favorite band if they played together all the time.
Reviewer: gallivantingharryhood - - January 26, 2006
Subject: amazing
Exceptionally amazing show with pristine sound quality
Reviewer: Zero-One - - May 25, 2004
Subject: Amazing
Awesome awesome awesome sound quality. I love Keller and SCI and this show is just great. Nice setlist and performance, if you like either artist make sure you grab this one, you won't be disappointed =D
Reviewer: ClubdElf - - April 22, 2004
Subject: keller with a full band
this show is just amazing. this is what keller williams would sound like if he had a full band around him. he is a genius and this idea to join with SCI was genius. the sound is perfect, the show is relaxed, funky, and just to put it best.. A++ all around
Reviewer: Metalmoon420 - - April 17, 2004
Subject: Superheadydope show
Sound- A+
Show- A

great quick download. a great show to add to the collection!
Reviewer: jamnblugrass - - December 14, 2003
Subject: Damn good show!!
This show is a very good show to prove how talented these musicians actually are. This is worth the time it takes to download even if you only have a 56k!
Reviewer: rhcp1513 - - November 30, 2003
Subject: Awesome
This is a nice, short show (for us impatient dial-up users) but it is also a great quality show, sound-wise and music-wise. A good synthesis of Keller Williams' sound and the String Cheese Incident's sound. I heartily recommend checking it out.
Reviewer: mamcti - - November 13, 2003
Subject: This is super.
Have no doubts about listening.
Keller Williams Incident
by Keller Williams Incident
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Keller Williams Incident
by Keller Williams Incident
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Keller Williams Incident
by Keller Williams Incident
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Keller Williams Incident
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Keller Williams Incident
by Keller Williams Incident
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Keller Williams Incident
by Keller Williams Incident
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Keller Williams Incident
by Keller Williams Incident
( 13 reviews )
Source: JonO's master DAT DSBD clone > SonyR500